School Board Notes

School Board Meeting Notes 4/16/16

School Board Meeting Notes, April 16

As always, these notes are the impressions of the AFE board member that attended.  They are not official minutes.

  • The night started with a special thank you to Cheryl Maranto for her 12 years of service from Marie Greco and Jim Phillips (former board members) and the school board and administration.  In her acknowledgement Cheryl said – “Public education is a passion for me…  I never understood why our politicians don’t get it…Why are we disinvesting?”
  • SB Approved final version of IEE policy – click here for more
  • Approval of k4-8 curriculum review and design report for ELA – Anne Kearney stated how exciting it was to participate in the process and everything was very well done.  Click here for more.
  • Certification of SB election results
  • Approval of schedule of elementary school day – discussed in Feb 14 instruction meeting
    • only two comments when parents were sent the note the week before and after spring break in folders, hard copy too
    • day will include some prep time for teachers
    • day will add 10 minutes to elementary
    • end result will be more minutes over all, will eventually impact the district calendar – could add collaboration days in future.  Click for link here for more information.

There was some discussion of personnel issues:

  • Approved preliminary notices of non-renewal for instructional employees.  Final action takes place May 11
  • approval of new FTE – Click here for more.

Mr Yde had some additional information about the FTE numbers:

  • down 52 resident students
  • continued 220 reductions
  • down 1.89 FTE = one teacher elementary at Cumberland  and 1/2 section of K at Richards
  • reduction of the HS teachers with overload schedules (meaning more than FT)
  • increase of a literacy coach
  • no change to admin/confidential/staff
  • one position will be re-classified, one para at HS will become a support position
  • reduction of .4 secretary at HS – reflected in a retirement of athletic secretary, job eliminated now one year round position rather than a full and part time position
  • added a half-time para at Richards last year
  • special education staff has increased
  • HS change is a reflection of overloads but staffing will stay the same.
  • retirement in science at HS but not filling because of some overlap of specialties in math and science
  • people have been moved around in areas they were co-certified in
  • music teachers are holding their FTE, they just may be teaching in another building.
  • languages – there was a reduction of enrollment but person will be kept FTE by teaching two languages. Those who took an absence have been offered a position and are part of the staffing plan for next year
  • PLTW biomedical is generating 2 full sections
  • this all could change – enrollment continues through fall – will return to the board
  • The district is locked in with contracts when they are offered. This means they can offer more to an instructor but can’t decrease offers so they try to plan their offers accordingly.

At this point it is looking like an amazingly short meeting…

During Public Comments a Mr. Frank McCoy introduces himself.
He is here about the radio station – basically, he works a lot in radio.  He is trying to broker a deal with WFB SB to change the frequency they get from the FCC.  He is trying to set up a better station for a friend who has a long running radio station for the black community.  He is offering to pay WFB SB for the swap.  He will arrange all of the paperwork and put the funds in escrow.  If the FCC approves the swap, the money will be a big advance towards the stations success.
He says that this is done often.
He has already sent engineer and counsel in to FCC to figure out what needs to be done.
The SB president advised they couldn’t reply because it was a non-agenda item but that his statement would be taken under consideration.

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