School Board Notes

School Board Meeting Notes – 9/21/2016

1.) Principals Heffron, Kasmarick, O’Connor, and Levek Reported on Start of New School Year.  Discussed summer teacher in-services, continuity of content and scheduling allows for collaboration so teachers have time during the day to meet and mentor with each other, a new focus on the Global TLC Reading Program, and an Improved Focus on the WHOLE Child Learning Approach. Also reviewed the Student Enrollment Levels, Staff Changes, and Class Changes.
2.) Review of the Human Resource Status for WFB. WFB School District is weathering the Teacher Shortage Crisis well, especially compared to Central and Northern WI. WFB is considered a Sought after District to teach and work in.
3.) WFB Education Foundation Received $30K Check and Gave Recognition to Bay Ball Co-Chairs Stephanie Puryear and Debra Schoenfeldt for Money Received for Education Foundation 2016-2017.   For Bay Ball, Run the Bay and other education projects. Money will go towards literacy, classroom libraries, New Bio-Mechanical Science High School  Class that started this year, Maker Spacer Carts in Elementary & Middle School Class Rooms.
Review of 2013 Buildings and Grounds Board Meeting
Reviewed and Approved a 10-Year Plan for a Trust to have Capitalization Plan for Necessary Expenditures and Ground/Building Improvement Needs. Board Voted and Approved Plan.
For full transcript of notes taken by AFE Member, click here.

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