AFE Board Discussions

School Board Retreat to Discuss Art, Music and Foreign Language Programming

There is a school board meeting tonight in Room 47 of the WFBHS, which will be preceded by a retreat by the school board at 6:00 PM.  The retreat is open to the public.

The discussion points from the agenda are:

  1. Competing priorities with respect to art, music, and foreign language programming.
  2. Student voice and choice in the areas of art, music, and foreign language programming.
  3. What effect should variances in course enrollment have on high school art, music, and foreign language programming?
  4. The “pipeline” for art, music, and foreign language programming from elementary to high school.

When AFE contacted the school board president to check on the purpose of the retreat, we were advised that the intent was to have a discussion around strategic questions like:

  • How do we balance the need for solid programming in these areas with financial costs?
  • What does a fine arts requirement in the high school mean?
  • How do we account for student choice and voice in programming?
  • Are there obstacles in the elementary and middle school programs to ensuring that all who are interested have the potential to enroll in these programs in high school?

A representative from the AFE Board will attend.

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