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Revenue Cap – School Funding 101

A Basic Component of Public School Funding 

FACT: One of the most important aspects of the Wisconsin’s school-funding laws is the revenue cap. This cap was instated in 1993, and still exists today. A revenue cap is a state-imposed control on the amount of money a Wisconsin district can receive through a combination of state general aid, local property taxes, and computer aid. Since 2011, revenue-cap levels have been reduced while expense levels and inflation levels have continued to increase.

FICTION: Despite revenue limits, many people think we’re “doing ok” in Whitefish Bay since we have relatively high property taxes. Wrong!  Because state funding levels are still well below where they were about a decade ago, the Whitefish Bay School District budget faces ever-tighter constraints.

Though the proposed state budget is positive news for Whitefish Bay, AFE supports a policy of funding of ALL public schools both sufficiently and equitably.  AFE will continue to monitor budget proposals through Joint Finance Committee meetings. For more information on the logistics of school funding, visit this link.