School Board Notes

School Board Meeting Notes – 04/05/17

Cumberland Principal Jayne Heffron and Buildings and Grounds Manager Brian Chase expressed thanks to the Cumberland PTO for their donation of $25,000 to purchase enhancements for the Cumberland playground. Large play cubes and a spinner will be installed on the east side of the existing playground. It will be installed before the end of the school year so that current 5th graders have a chance to enjoy it.

The board recognized the service of school board member Jennifer Dragseth, who is stepping down from her school board position. They also approved the election results and appointed Douglas Armstrong and W. Brett Christiansen to the school board.

The board approved the curriculum renewal of K-12 Art and Music. The board also reaffirmed their commitment to the arts as integral to our students’ education.

The board approved a district policy around the usage of drones on school property. They will seek to make this policy public by announcing it in local publications.

The board approved some economic non-renewals of teacher contracts. These teachers received preliminary notices of non-renewal based on current enrollment. Dr. Thomsen emphasized that these non renewals were not performance based. The district enrollment is projected to drop in the 2017-18 school year.

Kristen Bencik reported on the district communication committee. The district has recently put a new web site in place. There has also been an increase in Facebook traffic.

Pamela Woodward reported on the district’s membership in the Southwestern Wisconsin School Alliance. They are encouraging the alliance to be more proactive in response to Governor Walker’s  budget. The governor is pushing for an increase in spending. The governor is calling this a “reform” dividend.  One way that the governor proposes to fund this increase is to require teachers to pay 12% of their health insurance costs. This would impact Whitefish Bay teachers because currently they do not pay 12% of their health insurance costs. The board spoke about  the importance of clarifying the impact of the budget for our community members.

Please note that these are unofficial school board meeting notes taken by an AFE board representative.