School Board Notes

School Board Notes – May 24, 2017

7:00pm Room 47, WFBHS

School Board members present:
John Thomsen, Anne Kearney, Kristin Yunker, Doug Armstrong, Pam Woodard, Kristin Bencik- Bourdreau, W Brett Christiansen, Sandy Saltzstein

Others Present: Shawn Yde, Stacy Gahan, Maria Kucharski, Brian Chase, Jennifer Dragseth & Anne Perina


1. Update of 220 agreement. Significant change is that the agreement now provides schools the right to deny a student, if MPS will not pay for the additional cost of a student who qualifies for an IEP. This would be a cost for services that are in excess. It doesn’t mean WFB would choose to send them back to their resident district but that WFB has that option.

2. Buildings and grounds update.  Click here for slide presentation.  B&G is responsible for 660,000 sq ft building floor space & 40 acres of grounds. Brian Chase is very happy with his team and the numerous projects they have completed this year and has a decent list of projects they are currently working on and will complete in the next year.

3. Budget update from Shawn Yde.   Click here for school board list of budget concerns.  An update on the budget was given by Shawn Yde which showed a balanced budget. After a long discussion, it was reiterated that he had to make a ton of assumptions as there’s nothing final at this time. Shawn made conservative estimates within his budget and nothing can be finalized while we wait for legislature to make some decisions and enrollment numbers to make significant determinations.

4. Calendar committee update on significant changes.  Click here for slide presentation.

  • consistent calendar for K-12 so families with students in multiple buildings follow the same schedule
  • move elementary schools to semesters
  • Spring conferences in which scheduled time would be initiated by either parent or teacher, but not required.

Please note that these are unofficial school board meeting notes taken by an AFE board representative.  For full transcript of notes, click here.