School Board Notes

School Board Notes – July 12, 2017


High School Graduation Requirements: The School Board discussed changing the graduation requirement to require 2 Cultural Arts credits. Cultural Arts would include music, art and foreign language. Most students already take a foreign language so this wouldn’t add anything to most student’s schedule. It is more about putting an emphasis on the arts, which is something the Whitefish Bay community believes in. Additionally, it was noted that the elimination of a required introductory art class increased participation in art classes.

Staffing Updates: Richards is expected to have 609 students (3rd grade will have 4 sections and junior kindergarten will have 3 which could increase to 4). Cumberland is expected to have 739 finalized until August. There were concerns expressed about class size due to the difference between the two schools’ student count. The administration stated that they watch this closely though it has been years since the dividing line between the two schools has been charged.

Post-Retirement Report: Current cost retirement benefits is 21 million with 2.6 million accrued (earned by employees). There is 19 million currently in the district’s trust. There will be a discussion about not putting additional money in the trust this year since the district is very close to fully funded. The district does not want to have the retirement overfunded since the money cannot be removed once put into the trust. Additionally, there is a new actuarial study being completed soon. The district’s rating has been increased to AA.

State Budget Update: It was noted that the aide projections are determined based upon made up numbers at this point. Other areas of the budget discussed were transportation and gun safety.

Changes in Policies for staff: Some minor changes were made to the staff’s conduct requirements. There were two sections with wording that concerned the board. Basically, they wanted to wait until the beginning of the school year to allow staff to provide comment before being adopted by the board.

Please note that these are unofficial school board meeting notes taken by an AFE board representative.