Advocacy Award

The Meredith Scrivner Advocacy Award was established in the Fall of 2010 to honor Meredith Scrivner, one of its founders. The purpose of the award is to recognize a student who, like Meredie, has demonstrated a record of advocating for a cause that has benefited his or her community.

Advocates for Education of Whitefish Bay presents a $500 award each year to a junior or senior who has improved his/her community through behaving or speaking up in a positive way. This award is given to a student who makes the world better through advocacy.  Such advocacy may be demonstrated through words or action. It must be real, sincere, consistent and perhaps not always easy.

Selection criteria:

Eligible applicants may have done any of the following:

  • Spoken or acted in a meaningful way in support of a student or group of students in need of that support or;
  • Consistently taken a positive stand in the face of others’ negativity, demonstrating or standing up for what is right, to help another student, program or group of students or;
  • In a meaningful way, developed, created or supported a program which has helped a person or group in need or;
  • Publicly taken an advocacy  position, perhaps against conventional views, which the applicant believed to be right and needed or;
  • Contributed to a positive atmosphere in the classroom or community.

All Junior and Senior students are eligible for consideration upon application or nomination. Nominations are accepted from any member of the Whitefish Bay School District staff, another student, or a member of Advocates for Education.  Students are also encouraged to apply themselves. Finalists may be invited for an interview with the selection committee. Grades, academic performance, a full co-curricular resume and test scores are immaterial and will not be considered.

AFE – Meredie Scrivner Advocacy Award

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Past Recipients

Ryan Jankowski – 2011 – While serving as Treasurer of the Student Council Executive Board, Ryan was integral in bringing the Buzz Cuts for Cancer program to the High School.

Clare Keleher McKinley- 2012 – Helped to found and maintains the Whitefish Bay Community Garden project along with leadership in environmental awareness at the High School.

Kaitlyn Howell – 2013 – Recognized by many of her teachers for her exemplary leadership in developing diversity awareness, and her work with the Diversity Assembly at the HS making it a transformative experience for many students.

Caroline Matkom – 2014 – Caroline was recommended by several teachers due to her “attitude and kind words each day.” She has taken on leadership roles in Red Gen and other community based organizations.