Advocates for Education – Who We Are


Founded in 1995 to help build the Middle School in Whitefish Bay, AFE has been an active participant in advocating for our schools since.  A volunteer board works to stay current on issues on the state, local and national level:

  • We attend school board meetings and provide notes within 5 days.
  • We monitor all legislation related to education with occasional updates to members encouraging them to take action on bills pending.
  • Our board members talk about the latest issues in the schools and when we have a question we reach out to administrators to get the information you need.
  • Our Facebook page and Twitter feed are regularly updated with timely articles about issues in our village, good news from the schools, and education research.

Your membership helps to make our efforts possible.  Funding allows us to bring in movies like Most Likely to Succeed and Race to Nowhere, sponsor candidate forums and provide informational seminars on current topics in education.  In addition we try to foster the next generation of advocates by providing a yearly award to a junior or senior at the high school who best exemplifies community engagement and advocacy.*

Think of us as your conduit to being an engaged, informed parent.  We stay on top of the issues and give you the information you need when you need it.

Join Us!

In 2015 AFE was a proud partner with Advocacy groups all over the state to fight cuts in the state education budget.  AFE will continue to monitor budget developments and report that information back to you. Print

*Contributions to our Advocacy Award fund are tax deductible.  Be sure to indicate your intention to donate to the Award if you send a check.